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When you want sex but without a partner…

Being single and not having a partner is complex, and you need to find ways that work for you to feel good about yourself and cope with the loneliness of being on your own. How? You can do many sexual things by yourself, masturbation being one of the tops (pardon the pun). When you get into the habit of masturbating regularly, it will release tension, make you feel better about your body (because who doesn't love sex and feeling sexy?), and help pass the time- erotically - when there's no one around.

Meanwhile, as masturbation can be healthy and fun, other ways exist to help your efforts when no one else is around. If porn turns you on or watching two people having sex makes your juices flow, get on it, ladies and gentlemen! We're going inside this section (literally) to discuss how these activities can keep you sexually satisfied even when your single life gets lonely.

First things first, though: Being single is different from being alone. The two can be different, but they're not always mutually exclusive. Take our friend, Lila, for example. She is single and has been so for a few years and is happy with it. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have a social life or friends who care about her…she does. And while her romantic life isn't currently what it used to be, that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy having sex with herself now and again. Because who doesn't? FOR REAL.

Suppose you're looking for ways how to deal with your sexual needs when you're single or want some tips on how to navigate dating while in this stage of your life without feeling like an outcast among others, then look no further than this blog post. We’re here to give you confidence knowing that even though things may seem bleak right now, you are not alone in this struggle, nor will you ever be truly alone because there are other people like yourself. We’re all dealing with similar issues as well as our own unique experiences.

Back to self-love: Masturbation is a great way to release tension and help you sleep better. Plus, it's a good way for men with trouble getting it “up” or women with vaginal dryness during sex. The M-word also has mental health benefits: It reduces stress and anxiety, helps people fall asleep faster, and lowers depression, amongst other mood disorders (e.g., bipolar disorder). Plus, it can make you feel younger. Hell yeah!

If you have a partner and want to spice up your sex life, watching porn together can be a fun way to try something new. Most of us have watched some form of adult entertainment, and most people enjoy watching it, even if we do not admit it out loud (truth). But what about those times when you want something more than just watching? Maybe you're single or just not feeling your partner right now. In those cases, porn might get the juices flowing, and there are plenty of ways to get started without spending money…

Sex is about more than two people having sexual intercourse, and having sex with yourself is just one way to satisfy your needs. Remember, sex is also a way of communicating, expressing affection and love, and building relationships. It's something that you can do with yourself or with another person.

Note here: Many types of self-play do not involve penetration or intercourse, and some can get intense. If you have never tried these things, looking up different types online is best. Google stimulating toys online and see if they interest you. You can find many online if you do not want to go to your local shops.

Lastly, online dating services are also helpful if the desire is to have sex with someone else on the spot without having any romantic feelings toward them (WARNING: Condoms, dams, and other protection are essential here). This might sound odd for people who aren't single parents or widows/widowers living alone. Still, the truth is that many single adults do enjoy casual sexual encounters from time to time regardless of their marital status or whether there's any chance those encounters will lead anywhere beyond one night together.

I know it can be hard to find a partner, but I hope these tips will help you on your journey. If you are looking for love and sex correctly, you should have zero trouble finding someone who wants to spend time with you…even if it’s just you 😉.

Be safe and have fun,


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