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When your ex has a new partner. What do you do?

Whether you have a tremendous co-parenting or relationship with your ex, there are a few rules out of courtesy to handle a new commitment.

Just think YES, you want to move on, and so does your ex, who carries on first and is up to the skies. When the stars align, it will happen. Does it mean it's long-term or for life? No. However, we want you to be prepared for how you may act around the new person brought into your life by your ex.

We would like to establish some working ground rules.

1) This is not the time to stalk your ex on social media or dig for information on who this person will be.

2) It’s not all right to cause chaos among your family by asking your children about your ex–new partner.

3) Make sure you talk to your ex about your new partner and when/if you will introduce them to your children. Most say wait for six that's but that’s a long time, and as we age and our kids are more in tune, that time may be too long.

4) Their new relationship does not erase your relationship with your ex.

5) Sit with your emotions and get to know how you feel about them.

6) You are an adult now. Act like one, especially around your kids. Should there be a meeting of the entire family before you are “ready,” – think of simple things to discuss and move on.

7) Establish some rules with your partner; for example, if your ex has to do something "g and the “newbie" in this relationship takes over a parental task – you need to be in the know. Your ex may trust this person, but you know nothing about them, and this is for safety reasons only.

8) Finally, share your feelings with trusted friends and your therapist. Working through that emotion will make you more substantial every day.

Onward and Upward




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