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Vacation, all I ever wanted!

Taking a vacation, whether by yourself - trust me, it's all good - or with family and friends can cheer you up like no other activity. Case in point, I just returned home from a quick but excellent, action-packed getaway to California wine country with my siblings from NYC & Chicago - we committed & made it happen - & it was the BEST.

After my divorce, the one thing I wanted to do for myself was travel more...much more. Of course, I love traveling with my kids; however, I knew I needed a reset and finally did it. First, I went to the Dominican Republic all by myself. I booked an all-inclusive stay at a fabulous resort and set out on a mission to reconnect with myself. It was magical. I encourage you to do the same - heck, it can be a road trip to your favorite amusement park or local B&B if that's your jam - and I am listing why YOU, too, should take time to regroup and relax. Here we go:

V: action – book the trip, set a budget with some leeway, and commit;

A: appreciate your alone time and take advantage of whatever it is you want to do...nap, beach, hike; you'll have no one but yourself to look after;

C: change and embody what is changing in your world. You have a clean slate. Take time to embrace how your world has changed environmentally, physically, and emotionally;

A: mazement - you will be amazed at how you feel when your feet hit the ground once you land at your getaway destination. I always feel a calmness come over my body, and sometimes it takes me about two weeks to return to reality after I return home - ha! - that’s how relaxed you will be;

T: time - I recommend 7-10 days, depending on how much time you can take off. It takes a couple of days to unwind from your real life;

I: Inspire - It’s funny how I inspired others who were not alone and said you are brave. Yet, I was inspired by myself that I was actually at a place where I wanted to be;

O:ff – During this time, you are OFF. I touched base with my kids but had coverage for work and never looked back.

N-o one but you can do this for yourself except YOU. Your body and mind have been through a challenging time. Take it from me; it's SO worth it. Book it NOW;

And after all the years, I've learned that I enjoy being by myself and don't worry about anything except taking care of myself when I'm in my zone. I've met some fabulous people during my trips worldwide over the years but my most revolutionary, a-ha-moment journey? My first-ever solo trip. DO IT!

Happy travels,



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