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Will you be my ... emergency contact?

As I recently had a medical procedure, they asked me – who is your emergency contact? Is it still (insert name)? As I responded to whom I had chosen, I realized, wow, that was a big ask for someone new rather than a relative, best friend, or other. Then, ironically, I ran into a dating profile that gave me a giggle, “Looking for an emergency contact.” In my mind, I thought, I feel ya – me too.

All jokes aside, I have a dear friend, and my children are old enough to be my new emergency contact. Choosing someone you can rely upon in a crisis is extremely important.  

As you think about your new or current emergency contact, here are some things to consider:

1.    Evaluate Existing Relationships: Divorce marks a transition period, making it necessary to reevaluate the validity and reliability of existing relationships. Consider friends, family members, or other close acquaintances who can be trusted to handle sensitive situations and information and provide necessary support.

2.    Prioritize Trust and Reliability: Trust and reliability are crucial when selecting a new emergency contact. Look for someone dependable, responsible, and capable of handling emergencies calmly and efficiently.

3.    Communication and Consent: Before designating someone as your emergency contact, it's essential to communicate your decision with them and ensure they are willing to take on this role. Openly discuss expectations, medical information, and any specific actions they may need to take in emergencies.

4.    Proximity and Accessibility: Consider the proximity and accessibility of your potential emergency contact. I am one of the lucky ones with my parents still living; ideally, it would be them. However, they do not live in the same town anymore. The person you choose should be located nearby or be reachable in a reasonable time frame, especially in situations that require immediate assistance.

5.    Updating Legal Documents: Once you have chosen a new emergency contact, update any legal documents, such as your will, healthcare proxy, or power of attorney, to reflect this change.

Choosing a new emergency contact after divorce is an important decision that requires careful thought and consideration. Prioritizing trust, reliability, and open communication is crucial when designating someone as your emergency contact. Similarly, when encountering dating profiles that mention "looking for an emergency contact," it is essential to have open conversations to understand the intentions and expectations. By taking these steps, you can ensure you have a dependable support system and create meaningful connections that align with your needs.





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