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Ouch, it hurts

It's a hard one to deal with but here it is: Some people in your life continue to let you down.

I had a lot of faith in a friendship I thought would last a lifetime once we reconnected. However, this person now continues to ignore me and blow me off. It's like a gut punch to the stomach, a terrible feeling, and I believed this person was someone other than what I had obviously built up in my mind. Although in all fairness to my peeps, a lot of people told me he was not a good person and didn’t care about anyone but himself. Note to self: LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS AND THOSE YOU TRUST.

So, this guy and I spent the past few weeks texting back and forth, and we used to see each other more frequently. He is a fellow entrepreneur, so it was inspiring to not only dish, but truly connect about work and all of the accompanying issues. But now? Now, he’s become a lost soul to me and likely many others. I am unsure what has happened to him, and he will not share information. And here's the worst part: It just keeps hurting, more and more. However, I know I must let t

his go, right here, right now, for good. And just like that, I have (see my other SJP/Carrie reference below).

I know that you so many of you have felt this way about a girl or guy friend. BUT there is no reason to have this person continue to repeat hurting your feelings repeatedly which is psychological abuse. Yes, abuse.

So, here's my final message to this man: Goodbye. You know who you are, what you've done to me, and you sure AF you donot deserve my friendship. Especially when you need all the friends you can after a divorce, if not only to reminisce.

Am I bitter? You're damn right I am. You've proven to be exactly what everyone told me you were on your own time, especially when it comes to hurting people along the way. But here's the real thing: Shame on me for believing in you and extending my loyal friendship. As Carrie on "S&TC" once said so truthfully, "You and I are so over, there should be a new word for over."

Now DD friends, before you find yourself going down this road - and believe me, it's a long one - please ask yourself these three key questions:

How have you dealt with the selfishness of others?

  1. Why would someone you have a strong friendship with let you down over and over?

  2. Is this his/hers/your narcissist behavior?

Peace, love, and Happy Thanksgiving,



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