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Top 10 Questions to ask yourself when entering a new relationship

Have you met someone special? Are you ready for a new and possibly long-term relationship? Here are some things to think about:

1) Does this person meet your standards? NOTE: after a divorce, go for what you want; nothing should stop you.

2) How will you balance kids, let’s say, if this person doesn’t have them? Or you are on opposite schedules.

3) Do you have similar interests?

4) Can you get used to their quirks? Or is this something that will bother you down the road? --- again, do not settle; however, communicate how you feel.

5) How about meeting families? Did you gel, or did you feel uncomfortable?

6) Do you feel butterflies? If not, you should.

7) Where do you agree, and where do you disagree?

8) Have you researched this person on the web?

9) How long has each of you been divorced?

a. NOTE: Avoid entering a long-term until 6-12 months after divorce. This brings too much pressure.

10) What is your end game?

Overall, seek your happiness and be on the same page. Now, these questions pertain to entering a new, potentially serious relationship.

A few more tidbits:

  • Take your time.

  • Be your true self.

  • Be honest and upfront.

  • Make sure you are equal in your relationship efforts.

  • If you do not see what you want – get out of the relationship.

We wish you love and happiness. You deserve it.


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