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What women need to know about divorced men.

If you're considering dating a divorced man, it's super important to understand what they've been through. If a man is ready to date again after getting divorced, he may likely have baggage from his marriage that could affect his relationship with you. Here are some things women should consider about dating divorced men:

  • Men (& Women) can be unpredictable during a divorce. They may not be able to express their feelings, and they might become depressed or angry. This is normal for men, who are often afraid of vulnerability and don't always know how to deal with emotions. If you’re going to “go there,” this is when he needs your support, not added stress.

  • Divorced men often want to date again, and they want to feel desired, loved, and wanted again. Don’t we all? Most people have these natural feelings when in a new relationship, so it's no surprise that divorced men would also wish to do those same things!

  • Divorced women should remember this when going out with divorced men, as they may seek more than friendship or companionship.

  • Many divorced men are ready to remarry but DO NO – I repeat, do not – want to remarry their ex-wives, so just put that one out of your head. While they may have been married for many years, and there were good times during that marriage, most divorced men have also experienced the pain of divorce and would like a new beginning with someone who understands what they've been through. They may also want someone who doesn't remind them of their ex-wife, e.g., someone with different interests or personality traits than she had.

  • Divorced men want someone who can relate to their situation and has a similar background. Many divorced men have children from previous marriages or current relationships, so you must be OK with kids if you go out with one of these guys.

  • Divorced men might have trust, commitment, and intimacy issues. They may be insecure about their role as a man or feel like they failed somehow by being unable to save their former marriage. Divorce can also trigger feelings of loneliness, anger, and depression for divorced men, and they may feel guilty about their decision to separate.

  • Understanding what divorced men want and needs is essential before you start dating one. You should know that divorced men have been through a lot. They've likely endured a lot of pain and challenges. And they may have also had to deal with losing their children or other family members, which is heartbreaking for anyone.

  • OK, here’s a good one: Divorced men are often more mature than guys who aren't divorced because they've already experienced so much in life (usually). This means that you should probably expect them not only to have more experience with dating but also to understand how it works better than most people do at first glance (yes, that includes you too).

It's also vital for women who date divorced men to realize that these men tend to be more sensitive because they know what it feels like when someone leaves them behind without any warning whatsoever. Therefore, they may feel more strongly about certain subjects (religion, politics, etc.) because those topics matter greatly when considering marriage/relationships before committing fully to something new after having lost everything once already.

Divorced men can be great to date, but you need to understand what they're going through and what kind of a woman they want. A man ready for a new relationship may have different needs than one who has just gotten out of one (read: he needs/wants time alone). Knowing this will help you avoid getting hurt or wasting your time on someone who isn't on your wavelength.

Peace my friends!


Time to Dish:

  • Have you dated a divorced man?

  • How did it go?

  • Did they bash their ex?

  • Did they give their ex compliments?

  • Why did they divorce? It's ok to ask and share.


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